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Fantasy Flight Games

Marvel Champions The Card Game

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Marvel Champions: The Card Game is a cooperative Living Card Game in which players take on the role of Marvel heroes as they battle to thwart the plans of evil villains. In the game, players will call upon iconic allies, wield powerful weapons and armor, and unleash devastating tactics as they fight to defeat the villains of the Marvel Universe.

In each scenario of Marvel Champions: The Card Game, the heroes face a powerful villain with nefarious plans, as well as their own personal enemies who can be shuffled into the hero deck. On each turn, players will have to decide whether to play as a superhero and fight the villain directly, or turn into their alter ego to repair damage, prepare their troops, and fight the villain indirectly (what an interesting strategic decision is during each turn). If the heroes can defeat the villain before they complete their evil plan, the heroes win the game.


  • 1 Game explanation
  • Game rules
  • 199 Playing Cards
  • 137 Battle Cards
  • 7 Reference Cards
  • 30 Status Cards
  • 62 Damage Coins
  • 33 Threat Coins
  • 5 Acceleration Maps
  • 1 1st player card
  • 4 Player Damage Discs
  • 1 Villain damage disk
  • 16 All Purpose Counters


Age 14+
Number of players 1 - 4
Playing time (min.) 45 - 90
Language Engels
Publisher Fantasy Flight Games