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Space Cowboys

Splendor Marvel

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In this special edition of the famous board game Splendor, you bring together a team of Marvel superheroes and try to stop Thanos from destroying the world!
The stones of the Infinity Gauntlet are scattered throughout the universe and are needed to defeat Thanos. Collect the Avengers, get the best locations and claim the Infinity Gauntlet.


  • 39 Infinity Stone Munten
  • 90 Cards
  • 5 S.H.I.E.L.D. Munten
  • 4 Location tiles
  • 1 Infinity Gauntlet Tegel
  • 1 Avengers Assemble Tegel
  • Manual (English)


Age 10+
Number of players 2 - 4
Playing time (min.) 30
Language Engels
Publisher Space Cowboys